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The fishing village of Tibouda

The charming Tibouda is a fishing village straight out of a fairytale. By car you are there in fifteen minutes. In this video by Ismail you can already taste the charms.

Cap des Trois Fourches

The cape ‘Cap des Trois Fourches’ is a prime location in this region.
The view is breathtaking and on a clear day you can see the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Spain on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea.
It takes 20 minutes by car from the domain.

The enclave of Melilla

A 20-minute drive takes you to the Spanish enclave of Melilla.
In Melilla you end up in a typical Spanish coastal city with 86000 inhabitants.
Melilla is rather small in terms of surface area, but you need a full day to see the city in its entirety.
A day at the beach, or a stroll through the streets and the beautiful park, followed by a meal in one of the many restaurants, make Melilla worth a visit. A night out at the marina, where a number of dance cafes and discotheques are located, is also available for enthusiasts.

Nador, the provincial capital

The city of Nador is located 35 minutes (40 km) from the village. This is the capital of the Province of the same name.
Over the last 10 years a lot of hard work has been done on the infrastructure in Nador. The metamorphosis has been successful and the city tourist can certainly enjoy a nice holiday. Nador is located on a lagoon, the kilometer-long coastline has been completely redeveloped with a wide dike and beautiful beaches.
In the city center there are many remnants of Morocco’s colonial past, especially the Spanish influences can still be found.
In the city center there are many remnants of Morocco’s colonial past, especially the Spanish influences can still be found.
Maroc Tourisme shows us a colorful Nador. Nador.
If you have flown to Nador, you may have noticed that the international airport is relatively new, dating back to 2019.

The Gourougou massif

On this massif, which is up to 887m above sea level, not far from the city of Nador, Barbary macaques (Mago monkeys) still live in the wild. The Barbary macaque is under pressure all over the world, a video from Stichting Aap tells about it.
The fauna here is very different from that at sea level, you will mainly find coniferous forests here.
You have a breathtaking view of Melilla and Nador. Visiting this nature reserve is really a must.

Domaine d'Ibrahim

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