The domain offers you…

Feel at home

The restored square farm

All rooms are located in a completely renovated authentic Moroccan square farm.
A maximum of 23 guests can stay at the same time in a total of 10 rooms, including 3 rooms for 3 people and 7 rooms for 2 people.

The walls are 60 cm thick and made of solid limestone, extracted from the quarry on the domain. They keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the moisture balance is also in perfect balance due to the limestone.
The walls make for the quietest nights you’ve ever experienced.

Places to enjoy

Breakfast with a view of the sea at the hand-hewn natural stone table is a bliss that every visitor to the domain raves about to friends and family.
The domain is a green oasis with plants from the region and beyond. Many grapevines grow against the wall that encloses the entire domain.
The sitting areas here and there invite you to quietly read a book or take an undisturbed afternoon nap.
Centuries-old trees provide cooling shadows under which you can relax for hours, with only the sound of nature.
From the roof terrace you can enjoy the beautiful starry skies. You have never seen so many stars.

The swimming pond & the sports grounds

The private swimming pond is 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and between 1m and 1.5m deep. It gives a pleasant cooling in the summer and is the favorite of every child and parent. The swimming pond is completely walled. A drink at the swimming pond while the children play is like heaven on earth.
You can let off steam on the sports fields with artificial grass. Tennis, football, basketball, padel, squash, etc…

The mild climate

The peninsula, due to its shape and location, is subject to a unique climate, not counting the desert, it receives the least rainfall of all Moroccan territory.
The temperature in summer is between 25 and 32°C. Thanks to the cooling sea breeze, the temperature usually stays below 30 and never rises above 35°C. This makes the headland the coolest area in Morocco in summer.
The evenings can be pleasantly cool and occasionally a sweater will be desirable.

A restaurant

There is a restaurant on the domain with a terrace and bar where breakfast is included in the room rate, can be enjoyed.
A reservation must be made for lunch and dinner.
Typical Moroccan dishes are served with a focus on fish dishes, since the fish can be served directly from the sea, and therefore very fresh, on the plate.

Domaine d'Ibrahim

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