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Sports on the domain

For sporty holidaymakers, a morning jog followed by a refreshing dip in the swimming pond is the perfect start to the day.
In addition to a solid tennis match, you can also play a game of football and basketball on the sports field with artificial grass.
All the following sports can also be practiced: padel, squash and all this on the domain. The use of the sports squares and swimming pool is free, balls and rackets (tennis/squash/padel) can be rented at a small price.

Hiking in the mountains or along the coast

The peninsula is largely a nature reserve, providing excellent terrain for brisk walks in the mountains and along the coast.
The ravines are the terrain for the experienced hikers who have mastered basic climbing techniques.


The more experienced, but also the novice mountain biker, will enjoy themselves here. There are regular groups of mountain bikers heading into the hills.
It is best to bring your own bicycle.

Swimming & snorkeling in the sea

With a brisk walk you can still swim on virgin beaches. Here you will find idyllic bays where hardly anyone comes.
Snorkelers will enjoy themselves here, the many coral reefs are home to beautiful schools of fish. The video of the Cap des Trois Fourches, at the top of this page, will certainly make your mouth water.
For the divers among us: here and there the remains of sunken ships lie about four meters deep.

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